Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki: Charges Dismissed

Las Vegas judge Valerie Adair today dropped charges against Lt Gov Brian Krolicki.

Charges against Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki and his chief of staff tied to his alleged mismanagement of a college savings program were dismissed this morning in Clark County District Court.

The trumped up charges were manufactured by Democrats to take Krolicki out of the running against Harry Reid.

The charges against Krolicki and Besser, who was Krolicki’s chief of staff when he served as state treasurer and is now his chief of staff in the lieutenant governor’s office, arose after the 2007 audit of a $3 billion dollar, state-run college savings program.

No state funds were reported missing, but Krolicki was accused of ignoring state rules in spending and bypassing budgeting rules.

Krolicki’s attorneys said the state attorney general’s office advised him and his staff on managing the fund.

As further evidence of the political nature of the charges:

State Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto came under fire after it was learned last month that her husband had planned a fundraiser for one of Krolicki’s Democratic opponents for the lieutenant governor’s seat. At the last court date, her office offered to remove itself from the prosecution, which the defense declined.


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