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Reno Rodeo

We’re going to the rodeo tonight. Update: I was very impressed with the show.  I hadn’t expected it to be so enjoyable.  There is a wholesomeness that seems to have disappeared in the city.  The West is very much … Continue reading

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Reno-Sparks: Don’t Expect a Quick Recovery

The April unemployment rate for the Reno-Sparks area is reported at 11% compared with 5.6% a year earlier and is not predicted to return to a full recovery until after 2014.  The recovery for much of the U.S. is expected … Continue reading

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Foreclosed Nevada Homeowners not Speculators

A common perception about homes in foreclosure is that the houses were rentals, or second homes and the owners were investors. a recent study by the Nevada Realtors Association showed that more than 87 percent of home foreclosures are primary … Continue reading

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California imposes 90-day foreclosure moratorium

Effective Monday California will impose a 90 day  moratorium on foreclosures. They somehow think that the bill will keep people on their houses.  The bottom line is that it will only make the business of banking more expensive. and consequently, … Continue reading

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HR 1728 Must Die!

Many times real estate transactions are made using seller carry back financing in one form or another.  Seller financing provides benefits to both the seller and to the buyer. The seller benefits by getting his property sold, often much sooner … Continue reading

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Man Arrested for Stripping a home in Foreclosure

Stories abound about homeowners who are facing foreclosure stripping the property of anything that might have value, possibly with the hopes of recouping their losses.  Never mind that the homeowner might have taken cash out of the property during the … Continue reading

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